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PhD Consultants provide support to write and publish your articles in reputed and standard journals internationally. We have assisted many scholars and researchers from various departments like Accounting, Commerce, Management, Engineering, Education, Information Technology, Electronics & Communications, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, History Social Works Law and many more to publish their articles. PhD Consultants team mainly focus on non – paid journals with speedy publication support. Our experts will provide papers with 100% originality, quality and confidentiality

We provide guidance to the academic researchers who are in the process of writing or designing a study with the aim of publishing the works in a peer – reviewed journal. As these papers must meet the highest level of scientific rigor, represent original research and add to previously conducted studies and with required formatting styles, we will assure you to guide in all these areas to make your journal published. We guide the graduates of doctoral programs to publish their approved dissertation research.

We can help the new researchers by providing comprehensive support throughout their academic research process such as topic development, literature review, methodological specification, data analysis and interpretation and publication plan with manuscript revision.

PhD Consultants provide guidance to scholars who wish to publish their qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods of studies each year.

Our Specialties in Journal Publication:

  • Publishing papers in reputed journals like IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, ACM and SCI/SCOPUS/ISI and so on
  • Detailed discussion for journal publication
  • Suggesting list of journals for scholars both paid and non paid
  • Recent reference and citation
  • Updated manuscript revision
  • Updated formatting style.
  • Revision and resubmission until published
  • Tracking system to speed up the publication

Publication Plan:  

Scholars who are new to academic publications always seek out for a help in developing long term plan to publish their doctoral research. Main journals are always within their discipline yet it can be a challenge to develop a concrete plan to publish and target the publications. So our team of experts with several years of experience will provide you the consultancy to prepare a clear set of goals and target journals and to begin your publishing work. There are three main steps to develop your publication plan.

Once you agree to get our guidance in paper writing and journal publication, our subject expert will analyze your dissertation thoroughly part by part – the problem statement, research questions and hypotheses, literature review, methodology, data analysis, results and discussion. Then they will suggest you the topics or threads which can be published and a list of sources where your work may be able to be published.  Later they will short list two or three prospective publications to target as selecting an appropriate journal is the first key step.

Next our experts will search, identify and gather the articles from more recent volumes and issues that resemble yours. Then they conduct a thorough rhetorical analysis so that they will be able to identify the audience and knowledge that has to be provided in your article.

Finally we will present you all the findings and consult with you on which area we have to prepare article for your publication as we might have arrived at so many topics for publication from your area of thesis itself.

Manuscript Revision

PhD Consultants will offer you a high level editing service that would tailor your paper to meet the requirements of your targeted journal. The essential trimming and editing to suite to the publication will be done by our experts and fully drafted article will be now ready for the submission. We will provide you review and revision until it is published.

PhD Consultants can guide the scholars who have a target journal already in mind to shape their dissertation into an actual manuscript for submission. We will do comprehensive revision and update your dissertation suitable to write the journal from it and publish the same. Our experienced team will help you to overcome major reasons for manuscript rejection. PhD Consultants will provide you the comprehensive manuscript which meets the aggressive publication guidelines.

Our method of research paper publication in journals is as follows:

  • Consult our support team: You can speak to our team at any time and clarify your doubts regarding the paper publication. Finalize your order for writing by filling the registration form and provide all the necessary details related to your paper. After receiving the advance payment, our experts of your research area start working on it.
  • On time delivery and journal publication: We will deliver the completed manuscript for your suggestion and then to the journals on time for publication of the paper.
  • Genuine work at affordable service charge: Our team of experts continues with your paper tirelessly to deliver it in time. They provide you an initial draft of the topic which you can confirm with your supervisor/guide. After ensuring the topic, next our experts will search, identify and gather the articles from more recent volumes and issues that resemble yours. Then they conduct a thorough rhetorical analysis so that they will be able to identify the audience and knowledge that has to be provided in your article. Once the writing is completed, our technical team will check for the word count, grammatical aspects, sentence structure, editing and so on. So the charges for your paper will be in terms with the work involved in preparing it which would be affordable to all the scholars.
  • Plagiarism free work: Our team of experts has a vast experience in writing research works and so it would be in 100% original content. You will be receiving plagiarism free article for publication.
  • Proof reading and Editing: Once the experts complete the writing, it would be proofread and edited by the technical team to the format and delivered to you.
  • Unlimited Review: Our work will be 100% perfect. If the paper requires alterations or rework in some cases, we will do the revisions as per the corrections pointed out by the journal publishers. Your success in submitting the thesis is our top priority.
  • 24 x 7  Support: Our support team is available to you all the time to clarify all your doubts regarding your PhD and research.

There may be many service providers offering you attractive discounts and referral bonus, but we offer you the best Paper/Article /Journal publication guidance which will be worth the charges you are going to pay to the experts. Our Paper/Article/ Journal publication service is extremely secure as we use high level encryption standards to make sure that our customers are safe. We never share your personal information to anyone including the experts who are assigned to guide you in your course work writing.

  • In short our service is fully confidential.
  • Our Paper/Article Journal publication is entirely plagiarism free.
  • The publication of Paper/Article in the journals is on time and prompts.

PhD Consultants – Paper/Article/Journal publication guidance

We can help you to know more about the Paper/Article/ Journal publication guidance and procedure for topic selection for your PhD.

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