General Policies

Upon completion of the writing or edit or the statistical analysis, additional services will be provided with the following pretext.

  • Once we deliver the work to you, revision of the materials by means of addition or change the content will incur additional charges.
  • Our fee to review additional material or new changes is pro rated based on the volume and extends of changes.
  • You must track or highlight all of your changes when you are resubmitting the work to us so that we would be able to identify whether it is additional or not and calculate the extra charges.
  • On all statistics orders, we will ask you to confirm the tests you want us to run before we run them to ensure we are meeting your expectations. Later if your supervisor wants you to change your approach or run different or additional tests, we are happy to assist you, but running those new tests would be considered a new order and incur additional fees.

Objective Errors

  • It has to be noted that no edit is 100% perfect as it is done by human no matter however well it is edited and may contain typo –errors. However our writers will be careful and if you receive writing with a few such errors, it does not indicate that the writing has failed to meet with the standard.
  • You can contact us immediately to rectify such errors before submitting to the authorities.
  • Finding such errors will not make you qualify for the refund. Our writer team will review and rework and deliver them without error promptly.
  • Similarly if you find minor errors in the graph or chart or tables in the variable names, it does not mean that the entire statistics is wrong and we failed to meet with the standard and those errors have to be considered as human errors and rectified. We will review and rectify them with our team experts.

Scheduling Consultations

  • We will conduct consulting sessions with you until you are satisfied before confirming the order for writing assistance.
  • You can always fix the time to meet our consultants and kindly keep us intimated if you are unable to meet us in the appointed time
  • You can also contact us at +918304870611 and +918304870311 to schedule your consultation or reschedule it.

All Orders Are Considered Closed After 90 Days of Completion

  • All orders are closed 90 days after we deliver you the writing content including the reviews
  • You have 90 days to review the materials we provided and request us to edit or additional revisions or adjustments.
  • After 90 days. The order is closed and any review or edit request will be considered as a new order with associated fees.

Terms and Conditions

You can use our services only if you agree with all the terms and conditions enlisted in the website. When you submit an order or make payment, you are agreeing to be legally bound by the terms and conditions enlisted in the agreement between you and PhD Consultants. It is your obligation to carefully read them before submitting any order.


  • PhD Consultants: PhD Consultants, 1st Floor, Anjana Tower, Railway Station Road, Angamaly,Kerala,India-683573.
  • Client: The legal person who solicits and/or contracts PhD Consultants to provide services.
  • Services: All the services which PhD Consultants agrees to provide to you as per the given order.
  • Order: The service which Ph D Consultants and the client agree in accordance with the service proposal.
  • Service Proposal: An email sent by the PhD Consultants which lists the exact quote, delivery date, parameters, outline of services by the order.
  • Documents: The documents provided by the client for the services to be carried on.
  • Assessment: Our view of the documents sent by the client to determine the services needed or rendered which will be presented in the form of service proposal.
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism encompasses both: 1) deliberately fraudulent claims of authorship or the outsourcing of text composition to second-party labor; and 2) any pattern of failure to adequately cite source material by means of appropriate quotation marks, in-text citations, and references.

Identity of PhD Consultants

  • Business address: Anjana Tower, Railway Station Road, Angamaly, Kerala, India-683573
  • Email: info@phdconsultants.in
  • Website: www.phdconsultants.in
  • Telephone number: +91 8304870311/411/611/711
  • Commercial registration number: **


  • The terms and conditions shall apply to any offer or agreement between PhD Consultants and the client.
  • In case one or more of the provisions mentioned in these Terms appears to be invalid wholly or partially, the remaining provisions shall remain fully applicable.
  • In case interpretation of any one or more of these terms appears unclear, an explanation “ in spirit” shall apply to them.
  • If PhD Consultants is not in strict compliance with any of these terms and conditions, it does not mean that the provisions are invalid or that PhD Consultants forfeits its right to otherwise demand strict adherence to them.

Copyright & Personal Use

The complete copyright to the Products and other materials delivered to the Client will be owned by the Client and the Client only. Any unauthorized use of the delivered Products and/or content of this Website may subject the Client to civil or criminal penalties.

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