Which is better Part -Time or Full- Time PhD?

Which is better Part - Time / Full- Time PhD?

I am throwing suggestions on opting for full time PhD or choosing part time PhD. The best way is to go for “Full-Time Ph.D.”  Full-time Ph.D. is better than part-time PhD because you can finish your PhD quickly. You can do PhD faster in just 3 years of time. You can double your salary very fast. Full-time PhD is always good just because it give lots for room to publish your papers in reputed journals. In the future, after 10 years Full Ph.D.’s will have much value due to some problems in awarding part-time PhDs with low quality.

  • Full-time PhD is better
  • Complete PhD in just 3 years
  • Faster increments in salary later on
  • Full-time PhD is credible and qualitative
  • More time to concentrate on research
  • Better communication with doctoral committee
  • A better understanding of PhD methodology
  • Opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant
  • Ample amount of time to finish PhD thesis
  • The scholar can easily access the scholarship program

A scholar doing a PhD. on a full-time basis stands a high chance of having more time to concentrate on their research work. This is so because they spend more time within the university and therefore the necessary resources are readily available.

A scholar that is doing a full-time PhD. is in a position to adjust their schedule so that it goes in line with the institution where they are doing their course.

For others such as part-time candidates, they are likely to allocate less time for their doctorate because their environment predisposes them to a lot of distractions.Such distractions are bound to consume a lot of time, and therefore such candidates may not complete their thesis on time.

One of the most common advantages of a full-time PhD. is that a candidate can complete their course in a short time. Some doctorate programs take as less as three years to complete.It implies that the PhD. holder has more opportunities in the job market because they acquire the title much quicker than part-time PhD holders.The latter may be forced to take as long as seven years to complete the same doctorate. By this time, the former will have sought employment and already earning.Among the rewards of a PhD. are the title and good salary. Also, it enables one to work in their desired field, and all these benefits are available to a scholar who does a full-time PhD. in a short time.

Get your salary doubled after three years
You can be in regular touch with your supervisor
Can accomplish your research targets in time
Able to spend time with your other hobbies
Make friends and colleagues from your area of research
Get experience as Teaching Assistant
Will know more about funding & Scholarships
Can become a role model to others
You can become more philosophical & speculative
No stress and pressure (because it is full time)
Society values full-time PhD
Part-time PhD. is worst. Why? 12 hurdles
Scholars are enumerated less salary compared to full-time PhD. holders
Lack of interest after some days
Not able to meet the supervisor
Less salary for many years
Mental pressure and stress from current employer
No knowledge about guidelines of the university
No time to finish the given tasks from supervisor
Not able to attend meetings of the doctoral committee
It takes 6 to 9 years to complete PhD
The temptation to hire someone to do your research work
Chances that your supervisor may hate you
Feels lonely in his/her research
Chances to get thesis rejected