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If you are a Ph.D scholar, you will be in the process of preparing for your thesis. Universities may differ in this process by asking you to submit a wide research proposal or an article /a concept paper for topic approval. So just like research proposal, the paper or article should provide the key elements of your research and eliminate any unnecessary delays down the line. This paper may be a brief overview or a detailed preparation for your research and is a solid connection between the core elements of your study beginning with the problem, purpose, research questions, theoretical frame work and design.

It is very essential to write the concept paper in a proper way for the smoother research and approval process.

We, PhD Consultants, are familiar with this pre dissertation preparatory stage of writing and so we can assist you to ensure with the best paper which would be a firm foundation for your thesis writing.

Some scholars may need help in the beginning stage like how to begin the paper and select the concept. Our team will provide complete support to develop your prospectus or concept paper. Once you contact PhD Consultants, you can discuss with our experts about your goals for doctoral research and clarify what is realistic for you in terms of sample size and data collection to ensure a feasible design.

Some scholars may be in the next stage of your thesis work. You might have identified your topic and perhaps completed your initial draft – research proposal and you may be in need of writing a concept paper for the publication in line with the thesis. Selecting an article or paper from a thesis needs real research attitude. There may be new theories, methods or findings that are worth sharing in the paper apart from thesis. Once you are ready to move forward with the suggested problem statement and theoretical frame work, our experts develop a paper for you. We ensure to offer you the full support to complete the paper, research proposal or research plan typically in 12 to 30 pages in length or the word counts required by you. We provide limitless editing services to your work according to your university’s templates so that your paper is approved and ready for publication as well.

Our method of research paper writing assistance is as follows:

  • Consult our support team: You can speak to our team at any time and clarify your doubts regarding the paper. Finalize your order for writing by filling the registration form and provide all the necessary details related to your paper. After receiving the advance payment, our experts of your research area start working on it.
  • On time delivery: We will deliver the finished paper on time before your deadline to the submission of the paper to the supervisor. They will support you by clarifying all the points related to the paper sent to you which will help you to present the same before the committee of experts.
  • Genuine work at affordable service charge: Our team of experts continues with your paper tirelessly to deliver it in time. They provide you an initial draft of the topic which you can confirm with your supervisor/guide. After ensuring the topic, they start working on your content by collecting data, in depth analysis of the data and collection of content through various channels such as internet, magazine, text book, journals etc., once the writing is completed, our technical team will check for the word count, grammatical aspects, sentence structure , editing  and so on. So the charges for your paper will be in terms with the work involved in preparing it which would be affordable to all the scholars.
  • Plagiarism free work: Our team of experts has a vast experience in writing research works and so it would be in 100% original content. You will be receiving plagiarism free research papers.
  • Proof reading and Editing: Once the experts complete the writing, it would be proofread and edited by the technical team to the format and delivered to you.
  • Unlimited Review: Our work will be 100% perfect. If the paper requires alterations or rework in some cases, we will do the revisions as per the corrections pointed out by the PhD guide/supervisor. You can request alterations as per the PhD guide instructions as many times. Your success in submitting the thesis is our top priority.
  • 24 x 7  Support: Our support team is available to you all the time to clarify all your doubts regarding your PhD and research.

There may be many service providers offering you attractive discounts and referral bonus, but we offer you the best Paper/Article writing assistance which will be worth the charges you are going to pay to the experts. Our Paper/Article writing service is extremely secure as we use high level encryption standards to make sure that our customers are safe. We never share your personal information to anyone including the experts who are assigned to assist you in your course work writing.

  • In short our service is fully confidential.
  • Our Paper/Article writing is entirely plagiarism free
  • The deliveries of Paper/Article are on time and prompt.

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