Grammer & Plagiarism Correction Assistance

PhD Consultants assist the research scholar to submit a competent work devoid of copied material from any other source i.e. without plagiarism and grammatical errors.

Plagiarism is a word often a new researcher comes across with when he starts to write his research work. You will be confused if you refer any article, if it is a plagiarism or not and how to find whether the writing is plagiarized content or how to write original content. It is very simple to know. If you come across any other writer who has written about the topic you are also attempting to write on and you want to use the same idea in your topic also in your paper, it is plagiarism but if you acknowledge the source, it is merely citation.

Another way of avoiding plagiarism is to use someone’s idea as your own by using different words other than the previous author as most of the software would not detect them as plagiarized content. You very well know that the content with grammatical errors and misspellings will lead to low grade and plagiarized content will make your thesis worthless. Here comes the assistance of our experts to edit dissertations and assignments off plagiarism content as we use the most advanced way to detect plagiarism and nullify the problem without losing the ideas conveyed by you.

Thesis Editing:

Whenever the writing work is completed by the experts, our technical team will proceed to the next stage of editing and proofreading so as to avoid the mistakes simply arising due to lack of time or magnitude of the work. Even though our experts take utmost care to avoid them, we extend this proofreading service to ensure that our service is flawless.

PhD Consultants editing and proofreading experts provide the services in the following methods:

Language Check: Like many scholars, our writers may also miss to look for the correct syntax of the language they write while their concentration is much more on the content. This may happen very rare in the course of writing yet we assess carefully to avoid grammar and vocabulary errors and check the overall quality of language. We also see to it that the language is academic and there is no colloquial terms are used and proper technical language is used throughout the work.

Even if we are not assisting you to write the thesis, you can avail the language check service from us for the thesis you have already finished writing.

Grammar Check:

PhD Consultants language experts check each sentences in the work, whether it is a paper or article or thesis and evaluate the following points.

  • Identify and correct grammar mistakes
  • Correct sentences
  • Correct errors in meaning and content
  • Revise the correct paragraphing
  • Check for punctuation and typographical errors
  • Verify the flow and meaning of the content
  • Correct the flow and style in presentation if needed
  • Our experts undertake manual check to ensure that no technical terms, name of the books, authors, and places are misspelt.
  • Even if we are not assisting you to write the thesis, you can avail the grammar check service from us for the thesis you have already finished writing.


Plagiarism Check:

Our works like papers, articles and thesis will be delivered only after undergoing plagiarism check by our experts using the latest software. We make sure that the content is with very less plagiarism. We have tools like Turnitin, Ex Plagiarism and Grammarly for the plagiarism checking process and so the delivered content will have less than 10% plagiarism.

In fact, if we assist you with writing service our team is consisting of experts of their subject and so they will try to keep up the originality throughout the writing. We also provide a report on plagiarism check which can be used for journal or thesis submission.

Even if we are not assisting you to write the thesis, you can avail the plagiarism check service from us for the thesis you have already finished writing. If your content is with plagiarism, our experts will modify and change the content to make it perfect without damaging the line of ideas presented in your writing.

References and Citation Formatting:

PhD Consultants will assist you in the next step of your research work that is checking whether you included all the references in correct order and format starting from literature review chapter to bibliography. Our experts will check your thesis minutely to see if they adhere to the prescribed style.  Our editors also check the tables, graphs and figures to assess the accuracy, labeling, placement, uniformity, in text reference and numbering.

Proof Reading:

This is an additional service provided to the scholars who obtain the service of writing from us. We will also provide the proofreading service for the content provided by the scholar. This service includes the scrutiny of subject, paraphrasing of original content, alteration of the content and management so that the thesis submitted by you will receive higher scores and grade.

Our method of Grammar & Plagiarism checking assistance is as follows:

  • Consult our support team: You can speak to our team at any time and clarify your doubts regarding the paper. Finalize your order for writing by filling the registration form and provide all the necessary details related to your paper. After receiving the advance payment, our experts of your research area start working on it.
  • On time delivery: We will deliver the finished paper on time before your deadline to the submission of the paper to the supervisor. They will support you by clarifying all the points related to the paper sent to you which will help you to present the same before the committee of experts.
  • Genuine work at affordable service charge: Our team of experts continues with your paper tirelessly to deliver it in time. Our technical team will check for the word count, grammatical aspects, sentence structure, editing and so on. So the charges for your paper will be in terms with the work involved in preparing it which would be affordable to all the scholars.
  • Unlimited Review: Our work will be 100% perfect. If the work requires alterations or rework in some cases, we will do the revisions as per the corrections pointed out by the PhD guide/supervisor. You can request alterations as per the PhD guide instructions as many times. Your success in submitting the thesis is our top priority.
  • 24 x 7  Support: Our support team is available to you all the time to clarify all your doubts regarding your PhD and research.

There may be many service providers offering you attractive discounts and referral bonus, but we offer you the best Paper/Article /Journal publication assistance which will be worth the charges you are going to pay to the experts. Our Paper/Article/ Journal publication service is extremely secure as we use high level encryption standards to make sure that our customers are safe. We never share your personal information to anyone including the experts who are assigned to assist you in your course work writing.

  • In short our service is fully confidential.
  • Our Paper/Article Journal publication is entirely plagiarism free.
  • The publication of Paper/Article in the journals is on time and prompts.

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